We’re Lauren and Glenn *awkward hello* and we’re Through The Woods We Ran. We used to be Still Love when we were over in Perth WA, but after Lauren unsuccessfully petitioned for a move to the UK for years (and having finally given up) we visited Lauren’s family in London / Worcester in Jan 2015 and pretty much the moment Glenn’s feet hit the icy mud of Richmond Park and was surrounded by deer – we started looking up places to move to (and a new name because we were over the old one).

We’ve been together for about 11 years and married about 3 – during which time we’ve adopted four of the most amazing and spoilt cats in the world. We’ll sit on the floor all night watching tv if one of them looks super comfortable on the couch. In turn though – they have to put up with non-stop squeezes and having top 40 songs reworded using their names and sung to them. We said they’re spoilt, not necessarily happy…

Anyway – we’re super stoked you’re checking out our stuff and we hope you like it. And while you’re here – below are some interesting facts about each of us. The first fact should be that we’re both not great at writing interesting facts.




Other people’s pets always like me more than they like Lauren

I’m semi-obsessed with old-school street photographers like Elliott Erwitt, but whenever I try to do street photography I end up just taking lots of photos of cats sitting on bins

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is my all-time fave movie and it gets me all jazzed up to explore and adventure the world (but when I watch it I’m already in my pyjamas so it’s not really the best time to get motivated)

My favourite things about Lauren are her laugh, and the way her hands clench up real tight when I’m really succeeding at annoying her

I refuse to call pants ‘trousers’ and that’s already made for some awkward moments since moving to the UK

If I could do anything in the world, it would be to sit at home with my cats. There is a 98% chance I’m doing that right now as you read this



I can’t read in moderation. Reading > sleep.

I have a mild case of social awkwardness. I have literally run away from awkward situations before.

Cats. Cats. CATS.

I know 95% of the lyrics to Gangsta’s Paradise – and the other 5% I’m really good at mumbling my way through.

I’m Hufflepuff and proud (despite the unjust stereotypes).

Once when Glenn and I were playing Singstar, I laughed so hard I threw up.

If there is an animal nearby, I will be petting it. Or at least looking at it longingly while I attempt to interact appropriately with humans.

I always carry almonds in my bag just in case I meet a friendly squirrel.

At any given point in time, there is a 99% probability that there will be a food stain somewhere on my person.