OK so that might not be as amazing for those that have lived in the UK longer than six months (or those that don’t like foxes – if those people even exist) but we still get super excited when we see a fox in the distance; let alone one just chilling on top of a car catching some sun. Big props to the aged folk who live near the Asylum and have pretty much tamed the foxes with your constant snacks and physical inability to chase them away.

Anyway, this year has been pretty huge for us and our little business – moving from Perth to Bristol has been stupidly hectic, but a lot easier when you know you’ve 100% made the right decision. Case in point: it’s extremely foggy this morning as we write this and we’re debating whether to go to our local deer park or just go another time. Life’s pretty damn great.

In six months we’ve already gotten to see so much of England, plus parts of Ireland and Wales, did a quick trip to Europe where the seat belt sign on the plane didn’t even have time to turn off before we were landing again, seen foxes, deer, SO MANY dogs in coats, and no badgers yet but we’re optimistic.

And for probably the first time in our lives we actually followed through on (a few of) our goals we’d failed at for ages. We took on 20 less weddings this year compared to last, which gave us time to go and do the stuff that made the year so much fun. Instead of just sitting in front of our computers editing all year, we went and explored. (Update: we decided not to go to the deer park  this morning and stay on our computers instead…)

The 32 weddings we did shoot have been so so good – we shot some epic nuptial parties in Perth before we moved in May, then the weddings here had us all over the place – Lake District, Surry, London, Lancashire, Ireland, even getting over to the US for a wedding. Massive massive thanks to the couples here that put their faith in a couple of people who sometimes struggle with your accents (especially those weddings north of Birmingham… sorry to all the dads with thick northern accents that had to put up with our ‘smile and nod’ routine throughout the day). And huge thanks to the amazing photographers and other vendors who’ve recommended us to couples, you guys rock!

We’ve got more travelling to do in 2017, some kickass weddings booked, and we can’t wait to see more of this ridiculous country. And see more foxes.

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