When you fly over 9,000 miles to shoot a wedding, it better be a good one. Thankfully, when it’s a wedding photographer and a florist that are getting married, you don’t have to even worry about it – you get to just sit back, relax, and watch 5-10 minutes of every movie on the plane because you don’t actually want to watch any of the movies on the plane.

Although we were dreading the heat (which never happened: bonus) we knew these guys would kill it – and kill it they did. Tassle dress. A *heap* of emotion (no surprises there if you’ve ever met Tanya). Killer d-floor. Impromptu xmas strip teases. That’s just in our first flick through of our faves from the day. Check back in six weeks when we’ve got our heads around the whole damn day.

There’s also some rad sneak video from Till Death that you should defs check out.

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