Are you ready to have your mind BLOWN?!

Here it is, the holy grail.

A wedding vendor site that actually has a price on it, and not some junk about how every wedding is different and to contact for a bespoke package. (What the hell is bespoke anyway?)

Our wedding coverage is (not ‘starts at’) £2000 and has both of us covering your nuptial party all day.

That’s what we like the most. You get us. Two proper photographers that have shot nearly 200 weddings together, and who’ll both shoot the shit out of your day. Neither of us are there to just look pretty (mostly because neither of us are actually that pretty…) or to ‘second shoot’ the day – we’re the two who’ll argue about who gets the best spot to shoot the ceremony or which spot looks best to shoot at.

And you can add on extra stuff if you want, like a wedding book or Adventure Shoot (like an engagement shoot but without that horrible sounding name).

So you should most definitely CONTACT US for our Info Guide for your wedding or Adventure Shoot.

And cos we’re kinda new here we want to check out all that this awesome country has on offer – so yes we totally travel – both in the UK (no travel costs within England & Wales) and internationally.