BEST OF 2015


Jan 1, 2015 (and every month before that): “Stop asking. There’s no way we’ll ever move to the UK. Perth is easy, we get great weddings, and why would we ever leave that?” – Glenn

Jan 2, 2015 (early morning): Go to Richmond Park – see deer in the wild for the first time and walk over frozen mud.

Jan 2, 2015 (late afternoon): “What should we call our new business in the UK? When should we move over? Why aren’t you taking me seriously?” – Glenn

We had a lot of goals at the onset of 2015. Take on less weddings. Have more of a personal life. Spend more time with each other. We struck out big-time on all three – but somehow 2015 was still our best year yet. Because we decided to move countries, and we know that our 2016 is going to be freaking insane.

The first cull for this post was around 600 photos over 50+ weddings. We also cheated a bit and went back to super-late-2014 for the weddings that were after our 2014 post, but whatevs. For anyone wondering – it’s a lot more fun looking at other people’s ‘best of’ posts than trying to curate your own. Until you finish it anyway – and you still smile at the same moments that made you smile when you shot them. That’s pretty awesome. And yes most of those have animals in them.

Our 2016 post is going to be very different to this one. It’ll be about half weddings and half us adventuring around the UK and beyond. It’s the one we’re looking forward to the most.

Peace and stuffs x
Glenn + Lauren and all the cats!


Bonus round: you can see our fave photos of 2014 photos here


I’m sure I’ve commented before but I had a second look at this and couldn’t resist. I just adore your work. As a view it pulls me in and I’m always searching around the frame to see what’s going on. Any couple would be lucky to have you two not just because of your images but because I couldn’t think of having two nicer more fun people at my wedding. Can’t believe you leave in 10 weeks. Perth wont be the same without you. xxxxx

Your photos are wicked. Congrats on such a fantastic year! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with on the other side of the pond in 2016!

Gah! Lauren hugging the puppy and crying – the best. Love your work guys, can’t wait to see how the UK do weddings without kangaroos!

Stunning work, everything I love about weddings (and wedding photography) right here. I could look at these all day long xx

Such beautiful work! Welcome to the UK! Nx

This is sick! Love the authenticity and honesty in all your photos <3

you guys are the best! & all the photos of lauren crying with animals are my favourite!