E&W Lookbook

So in January we braved wet and cold London (well, we didn’t brave, we wore super warm shit and kept mostly undercover while making the models freeze & run about in the drizzle) to shoot E&W’s latest campaign.

It’s still hard to get over the differences between London and Perth. If we did this kind of shoot in Perth, we’d be getting the weirdest looks from people and be getting non-stop heckled by bogans. In London, nobody cares. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing generally, but for a shoot like this it’s a pretty great thing.

The awesome team who made this all happen (and who we also got to pizza party with the night before and eat all the vegan candy purchasable at M4 Services) are…

Dresses & ideas & owner of the cutest dog (not pictured): E&W Couture
Hair & Makeup: Nikki Louise
Models: Jessica Webley via Rhed Model Management) & Sir Peanut Butter (okay her name is May but that’s the coolest IG handle)
Photography: Through The Woods We Ran
Videography: The Costa Sisters (scroll all the way down for their amazingness)

Bonus video from The Costa Sisters who are video gods (or the video equivalent of whatever theistic belief you hold)