Through The Woods We Ran | Bristol & UK wedding photographers


(like... wtf is going on here?)

Where are you guys based?

We shoot all over the place (we’re from Western Australia after all, a 4+ hour drive is pretty much the norm) but we call Bristol home. It’s an awesome place with lots going on – not that we actually do any of those things… but, you know, they’re there if we want them.

Who shoots on the day?

Us. Glenn and Lauren. That’s one of our main things we stress – you don’t get just one of us, or one of us and some ‘second photographer TBD’ – you get the two of us that have shot a ton of  weddings together (like, around 250). You’re literally getting two full-time wedding photogs for the price of one… it’s a terrible business model.

How would you describe your style?

For SEO purposes I guess we’ll call it reportage, photojournalistic, documentary, natural, candid… is that all of them? Really though the main photos that we love are the ones that make you smile or laugh. That sounds super fucking lame, but it’s a cool feeling when we’re going through the images to make your blog and smiling at our own (your) images. Cos really, if we’re not making peeps feel happy when they look at their wedding images… what’s the point?

What's your approach on the day?

I mean, we’re from Australia, so you know in advance it’s gonna be super chilled. I’d say we’re a hard-to-put-into-words mix of “Just ignore us and do your thing” and “Hey we’ll keep you chilled out and calm and let’s make fun of the people who are bugging you on the day and can we get you anything?”

What's your pricing like?

Hit us up on our Contact Page and we’ll send all our Pricing Info over to you.

Cmon can't you just tell us your pricing?

Hey, give us this! The only social contact we get is from a) people excited about their wedding, or b) our regular DPD driver who is too efficient to talk. We need this!

How many images do we get?

We say 650+ for a standard full wedding day, but that’s not a capped amount: we pick all the good ones we like out of the ~10,000 we take (yup, you read that right). We probs average ~850 delivered images a wedding but it depends on how much stuff is going on!

When do we get the images?

We'll fire some sneaky ones (10-20) over your way within the first week. Then we'll go through the mountain of photos a few times, then Lauren will edit them (I have to do the cooking & do the dishes, it's a good trade for both of us) - then you get the ~80 image blog of our faves in weeks 6-8, and the full gallery straight after that.

How do we receive the final images?

To keep things as easy & as fast as possible, we deliver the photos all online through an awesome gallery for you to browse, download, share, and buy prints from if you want.

Do you guys do albums?

Heck yes: we love a good wedding album – especially our ones because we get them from Vision Art who make the *best* albums. But you don’t have to decide now – you can add an album on after the wedding if you want once you know how much money you have left over post-honeymoon / post-buying-new-furniture-to-fill-the-void-of-wedding-planning.

Do we have to be good at having our photo taken?

Nope. Not at all. Actually we'd prefer it if you weren't - it's much easier to make fun of your awkwardness during the shoot if you're actually awkward. You just have to be able to get a bit close to the person you’re marrying and enjoy the day. If you can do those two things, you’re set! And yes, pretty much everyone that books with us says they hate having their photo taken. I think we attract a lot of introverts, and we’re okay with that. I mean, it can’t *just* be Lauren who’s doing the super awkward do-we-shake-hands-or-hug-hello thing, right?

How do we book you guys?

Once you decide to book, to lock us in for your date it’s a £500 retainer and an agreement and we’re all yours!

So wtf was going on in that picture at the top?

No idea. Sorry.