Our faves of 2021

Yeesh. Looking at most of these images, I swear some of these weddings were 2-3 years ago. I guess that’s why you should do a Best Of post in Dec/Jan and not the following April after doing absolutely SFA for the last four months. So what do we remember of 2021…

The return of maskless weddings was pretty great (no more Dad’s being able to cover their tears with their damn masks – tears are a wedding photographers sustenance). Another year without getting a rained-out wedding, and we didn’t have any weddings on that one weekend it was disgustingly hot – that’s a HUGE win. We didn’t move 14,640 kilometres to shoot weddings in the obnoxious sun again. We did have one weekend with four weddings in a row though… there’s a chance my body is still recovering (I like to blame my age but it’s probably my raging atrophy from never exercising*).

What else…

Well it wouldn’t be a TTWWR-Best-Of post without mentioning the Premier Inn – so I guess now’s my chance to thank them for the grey scrambled eggs I spat back up all over my plate cos they tasted like glue (not in a good way). Why did I eat the eggs even though they were grey is a question nobody knows the answer to.

Well shit – I can’t think of anything else of note that happened to us in 2021. Maybe grey scrambled eggs was our personal highlight.

*Okay I did try to exercise in 2021 by using our shiny new treadmill, and then I pulled a calf muscle within the first week of January because I jumped up too fast to answer the door, and it took until August until I could walk without limping. The human body is a joke. Also in retrospect maybe I should’ve done some of the exercises the Physio gave me but I REALLY hate stretching, it’s so boring.