I guess I’ll start with wedding stuff – makes sense right?

2023 weddings in a nutshell: rain, dogs, messy dancefloors, more rain (thanks to shooting in Wales more often). Most of those speak for themselves – but the most exciting thing (for us) this year was, because it was way less crazy than 2022 (the Covid-catch-up year) – we got to hang around until much later in the night at most weddings and see the proper decline of wedding decorum.

So our rules now are: no more back-to-back weddings, stay longer (the good stuff never happens in the first set*), and (don’t read this if you’re my psychiatrist or Lauren’s mum & dad) take my 2nd dose of ADHD meds waaay later in the day so we can get safely home at 5am and not need a nap at Services during the drive…

*okay but if we look at your Spotify playlist or band setlist after an hour and it’s still pacifying-the-grandparents-before-they-go-home tunes then we’re probs gonna bounce . Want us to stay longer? There better be some actual bangers starting around the 45-60 minute mark (I should probs put that in the contract, as well as examples of what bangers are and are not).

If 2023 Wedding Photography had a theme, it was probably: way more chilled out… everyone. Literally everyone. I actually, disappointingly*, hardly got to have my driving-home-at-2am-after-a-wedding rant about some vendor (*Lauren says she doesn’t love the rants, but the fact she hasn’t thrown herself out of my car on the motorway says otherwise).

Personally in 2023 – the only things I can remember doing are 1) getting Covid in December and it suuuucked the second time around, 2) starting to take our alongside-wedding-photography-businesses way more seriously, and 3) moving to mid-Wales (edit: better throw in a “Wales wedding photographers” for the SEO overlords) – which we FREAKING LOVE, and it’s way more our vibe than Bristol (we liked Bristol, but we’re nature peeps all the way and now we get to wake up to sheep & bird sounds instead of cars & our teenage neighbours cranking break-up songs all the time – although luckily I did already love Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap…). Plus now we’re even closer to a Tesco (honestly though, without a Tesco I think we’d starve out here as vegans).

What’s happening in 2024? It’s another not-crazy year (and we don’t have to go through the annoyance of buying a house) so we’re doubling down on our second business / love (not-so-shameless plug for my website design business I Make Ok Websites & Lauren’s illustrating work Lauren Jayne Hall). And after six months in our new place we’ll mark it as an amazing 2024 achievement if I can figure out how to work a stud detector to put stuff up on the walls (why does it say there’s nothing there one minute and something there the next time I go over it?!).

2024 weddings: we’ve still got lots of free weekends – good ones too! (tell your friends – but only if they’ve got good music taste (read: 90’s trash) & are going to party-the-fuck-down once it gets dark). And for those who’ve been waiting with baited breath: yes I’ve still resisted the urge to spend £1000 on a drone that I think I’ll use a lot at weddings but never will.