Alright well we're assuming you've already checked out the rest of the site.

There's a ton of info about us, faq's, a massive amount of couples tips - but mostly we want you to have read some of that other stuff because this hidden pricing page is the only area where we'll ditch the self-deprecation (most of it) and admit we're actually pretty fucking good at this wedding photography thing.

Yeah we can take awesome photos, but more importantly (we think), we can be the people on the day that can take awesome photos while not making it feel like it's all about the photos.

We'd much rather you guys have a ridiculously amazing day than us commandeer your every waking minute. Cos why the shit would we want perfectly lit photos of a couple who aren't having fun?

We'll keep the couples shoot quick & painless.

We'll keep the whole day painless. Hopefully not quick though - you guys have to milk this day for all it's worth!

We're all about the friends & family. Check out our Gallery or our Insta. It's not full of nothing but perfect couples surrounded by perfect backgrounds. It's real couples surrounded by real friends & family. If you wanted a million photos of just the two of you then you would've eloped, right?

We're not all about big moments or epicness. Hey, bonus when that stuff happens, but we're about the little moments. The stuff that you don't notice or aren't even there for. The friends that rock up before the ceremony that hug hard cos they haven't seen each other for ages. The way you guys hold hands without thinking about it. The happy-emo look on the face of one of your school friends during the first dance.

And all the imperfect stuff. Yes please. Broken glasses, spilled wine, smashed chairs, someone stacking it, your partner sneezing, peeps yawning mid-ceremony... that's what wedding photos should be.

It's a weird selling point. Basically you should book us if you want a couple of people there who'll take a ridiculous amount of images of everything going throughout the day, but it doesn't feel like they did.


Us. Glenn & Lauren. Just for the day though, not for keepsies.

For real though, you know you're getting both of us, not one of us and some random, and we've shot 200+ weddings together.

We'll rock up 2-3 hours before the ceremony & shoot an hour of the d-floor action.

Sometimes that means 10 hours, sometimes 12, 13... doesn't matter. We just know nearly all the good moments happen in between those bookends, and we don't want to say a strict '9 hours coverage' cos we don't want you to have to dance earlier just cos we're only booked until 8pm.

Having both of us there also means we don't miss any of the getting-ready action. No weird fake-getting-dressed shots so we can race back to the other person getting ready. We're gonna be up in your grill for ages (that's a good thing).

It also means way more shots of guests cos we can be everywhere at once. Also it's crazy how many guests notice one of us, but not the other one. Kinda like those raptors in Jurassic Park where one is really obvious and then fucking BAM. Clever girl.

(your guests are the guy that dies in this sloppy analogy. We're the raptors - except we're taking photos instead of killing them. I dunno, it seemed like a tighter analogy until I tried explaining it - I like the gif though so I'm keeping it in)

And we'll be there for an hour after the d-floor has kicked off. An hour is ages. We used to do half an hour but post-lockdown we just want to capture peeps having a super fun time (plus we're banking on people getting way more trashed than before to make up for 2020)

You can add hours on (£300/hr) if you want - if you're having a massive something at the end of the night that you defs want photos of (fireworks / big send-off) - but for most peeps the standard coverage will do for sure.

650+ images, fully edited like you see on our site.

We average about 850 images a wedding. We don't limit it at all, you get all the good ones.

You get them in both web-size (for posting & sharing) & original-size (for printing)

We'll send you the images via our digital gallery so you can download them all & share however you want with friends & fam.

As mentioned in our FAQ (which we're sure you read) you'll get 10-20 sneak images in the first week, then a big ~80 image blog & the full gallery around weeks 6-8.


Prints. You can defs suss prints yourself, but you (or your fam) can order prints directly in the digital gallery (we use rad UK/EU labs that use awesome fine art paper)

Albums. We offer the best albums. We can say that without feeling like egotistical jerks cos it's not like we make the albums. We design them, then we get Vision Art in the USA to make them. They have the best cover options & we've never seen anything else come close to competing with these guys.

Albums are £650 for 11x11" with 35 spreads. We'll make an albums page soon but I need to take better photos of them to use

(and everywhere at home I try to take photos of our albums has cat-hair on it...)

Adventure Shoots. Gagging for time in front of the camera? Can't wait for your wedding? Couples shoots are £150 for a 45-minute shoot & 10 delivered images. Or the full 50 images for £450 total.



◦ Both of us shooting (Glenn & Lauren)

◦ All-day coverage

◦ 650+ edited images

◦ Images supplied via online gallery for easy saving & sharing (online for at least a year)

◦ ~80 image blog to share with friends & fam (in addition to the full gallery)

◦ Skype or chat with us whenever you want - we want to help where we can!

◦ No having to figure out if you need to pay extra for a second photographer (you already got two of us!)



Tell us you want to book (obvs).


We'll send you the booking form.


It's just an agreement and a £500 retainer to lock in the date. Easy.


We can't hold or pencil in dates without a booking, and it's a first-comes-first-served kinda deal. Not that you should rush your decision at all, but just an fyi. We only shoot 32 weddings a year (or however many makes us not hit the VAT threshold cos then we have to add another 20% to our price for nothing... stupid VAT...) anyway we'd love for your nuptial party to be part of those 32 if you wanna do this thing. We're totally DTF (down to... foto?)

What happens after we book?

The whole way through you can (and should) defs throw any questions our way - we've shot a couple hundred of these suckers and are happy to help out any way we can!

Six months out from the wedding

The next payment (£500) is due. Less fun for you than for us. Well, fun for our landlady anyway.

One month out from the wedding

We'll be flicking over a form to you to get key times, addresses (you know, all that fun logistics stuff!)

Once you've had a stab at that, this is the best time to tee up a Skype or similar to say hey, and to go over times and anything else important. And that way we all recognise each other on the day (nothing worse than rocking up to a wedding and trying to figure out who the bride or groom is - it's super awkward and you'll defs tell we're fishing around to figure it out - and the few times it's happened there's always one bridesmaid who acts super friendly and we're like "Oh okay this is obviously Emma*" but you don't want to commit 100% in case you're wrong and it's a really long & awkward ten minutes waiting for someone to say a name.

*Emma isn't her real name, we're protecting her identity**

**Really we're just protecting ourselves from her ever finding out we had no fucking idea who she was for like half an hour. This is why we Skype!