We’d been looking forward to this one (and also kinda dreading it) for a long time. Hayley and Andy are each kickass artists (Hayley’s an illustrator who does the most amazing stuff and Andy rocks a polaroid photo like you wouldn’t believe) and we fell in love with their work when we went to a combined art show they did in Perth. When we heard the word on the street that they were organising their wedding we knew it would be an awesome one, and when a couple of awesome peeps recommended us to them cos we were moving to the UK and we booked it – holy shit – there’s a fair bit more pressure when you’re shooting peeps who dwarf your creativity with theirs. But when you get served up a couple who look like these guys and their own artistic touches on all parts of the day, that pressure disappears and it kind of feels like you’re hardly working at all when everything just looks so damn good and the couple are so into each other. Anyway, nobody came here to read our rambling – so here’s a few shots from Friday.

SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-4SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-7SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-10SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-2SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-5SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-16SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-1 SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-12SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-14SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-3SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-6SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-20SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-13 SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-8SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-19SNEAK-Hayley-Andy-9

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