Sneak peek : Nina & Chris

We did it. We survived our first UK double-header. Bristol > Blackburn > Bristol > London in 48 hours. We probably would’ve struggled but props to Nina & Chris for being the most chilled-out couple having the most chilled-out wedding party (Lauren may have regained all her energy when she saw the magician and basically just followed him around with a big stupid smile on her face). Here’s a list of highlights so we don’t write seven paragraphs that nobody reads anyway: that vegan Odylyne The Ceremony dress (insane), the magician (obvs), Chris busting out Johnny Be Good with the band, Nina fan-girling real hard, Chris being nervous af practicing his vows before the ceremony, the best vegan food we’ve ever had, Nina’s Golden Girls gifts to Chris, and how freaking amazing Uber is in London.


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