This is the part where I’d usually sum up all the stuff we did this year but I don’t know if I’ve left the house since October (for posterity it’s currently late December) and now I actually can’t remember a single thing we did in 2022 that wasn’t shooting weddings. Like… anything – asides from getting excited when they announced a certain someone(s) were going to lose their PM role(s). I love that I get to add (s) cos the Tories are so useless. Anyway;

I guess I’ll stick to weddings until something hits me as I write this – I’ve been procrastinating for two weeks so now I just have to write something.

Ooh I know – dancefloors! One thing I’ve always said is Oz dance action > UK dance action – but 2022 finally changed our minds on this: we had some killer d-floors this year: thanks in part to champagne guns (we may only take on weddings where these are a thing), better music than we normally get (the winners this year were Electric Kicks and their pop-punk sets), silent discos, way more shots getting handed out, and guests who were willing to trash-bag it up in our presence – you’re the real heroes.

On a business front: I think we’ve seen more people quit the wedding industry in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years (and that included a little pandemic in the mix). I get it though: 2022 was freaking weird. So many Covid-delayed mid-week weddings that you’d normally never have meant like no downtime the whole wedding season. If people who never have a social life anyway (us) felt it, then I can defs see why so many pulled the pin this off-season.

We’re defs not pulling the pin (I mean, we like shooting weddings, and I just want to shoot more of the aforementioned champagne guns squirting people right in their dumb eyes) but our plans are to start taking on a few less weddings each year and transition more towards other business stuff we want to do. For me, it’s my other biz: I Make OK Websites (yup, took me a whole couple of minutes to come up with that name) so if you want a new website done… I dunno you can have 10% off if you mention this post (where’s my pimp cup?). For Lauren: it’s her illustration biz she wants to focus on more and get into editorial illustration & one day crank out some novel covers & graphic novels editors note: check with Lauren if this is correct cos I don’t pay enough attention when she talks about it – in my defense she talks about it when we’re on our morning walk and I’m just there trying to get dogs to play with me.

So yeah – 2023 will still be full of weddings (just a few less), more stuff with our other respective interests / businesses, more time with the cats (if that’s possible), and hey – I might even get my very expired passport renewed to actually travel somewhere this year seeing that was half the point of us moving over here!

Oh yeah – enjoy the photos. If you read all that – I dunno… you’re probably just procrastinating from doing work and as someone who’s been playing way too much Marvel Snap today instead of writing this: I totally respect that.