When we tell people In Australia we’re moving to the UK, they say “ohh you guys will love it there!” and when we tell people already in the UK, they say “…why? it’s so cold here!”. And so we thought we’d explain why we’re leaving sunny Perth for cloudy Bristol, why we’re leaving our 50-wedding-a-year business for relative obscurity, and why we’re leaving some of our nearest and dearest.

So. Here is why. It’s not a definitive list, but it covers a lot. (And we’re not going to do one of those buzzfeed lists that tries to caption every photo even when they’re just saying the same thing every time. Geez buzzfeed, just let some of the photos do the talking.)

  1. Deer. Obvs.
  2. Squirrels. Ok so yes we have bandicoots in our backyard here, but they don’t climb up our legs, as we assume all squirrels do.
  3. Badgers. I have a newly found obsession with badgers and if I ever get to see one in real life, you will see my ugly crying face.
  4. Dogs going for walks wearing coats. COATS! They think they’re people!!!
  5. Pretty buildings. Ok this is more my thing than Glenn’s, but he tolerates it for me. We just don’t have the same history here. Ooh and side-note: I’ve been considering becoming a royalist. I’m still deciding.
  6. Green grass. It sounds like a small thing, but everything is brown here in the summer, because the sun kills.everything.
  7. Those lines in the sky that planes make – why do you have those and we don’t?! Science.
  8. Castles. Manors. I just want to rotate between pretending I’m Elizabeth Bennett or Harry Potter.
  9. Cobbled lanes. OK you’re getting the point that I like old things.
  10. Coat weather. We are not summer people. We are not beach people. We would take frosts and coats over sun and bathers any day.
  11. Bonus: Cats are way more snuggly when they’re cold – so basically we’re taking our cats 14,500kms so they want to cuddle up 24/7. That’s smart.

There are obviously a lot of things we’re going to miss about Perth. We will be leaving behind some of our favourite humans – a lot of whom are crazy talented wedding vendors, which Perth is chock full of. We’ll miss road trips down south; kangaroos and black cockatoos; violet crumbles; Hello May (they have done so much for us, those crazy kids); pretty sunsets; that sound that ravens make in the mornings; the smell of rain when it’s been dry for so long; outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions beneath the stars; our giant house in the Perth Hills; Our Common Folk Collective community; and so much more that we didn’t realise we’d miss until it was gone. Yet despite all of these things, we are still so sure that the UK is the place for us. Maybe check back with us in a year or so and we’ll see if we still feel so sure…

OK so here are some (mostly film) photos that are related to above text, from our last trip to the UK. There are a lot of deer.

Through The Woods We RanThrough The Woods We RanThrough The Woods We RanTTWWR-England-19TTWWR-England-41Through The Woods We RanTTWWR-England-9Through The Woods We RanTTWWR-England-38TTWWR-England-23Through The Woods We RanTTWWR-England-8TTWWR-England-58TTWWR-England-10TTWWR-England-16TTWWR-England-11TTWWR-England-32TTWWR-England-14TTWWR-England-20TTWWR-England-22TTWWR-England-61TTWWR-England-42TTWWR-England-56TTWWR-England-15TTWWR-England-7TTWWR-England-17TTWWR-England-37TTWWR-England-52TTWWR-England-12TTWWR-England-62TTWWR-England-18TTWWR-England-40TTWWR-England-48TTWWR-England-21TTWWR-England-29TTWWR-England-28TTWWR-England-53TTWWR-England-39TTWWR-England-35TTWWR-England-51TTWWR-England-46TTWWR-England-26TTWWR-England-25TTWWR-England-50TTWWR-England-57TTWWR-England-27TTWWR-England-24TTWWR-England-44TTWWR-England-54TTWWR-England-59TTWWR-England-30TTWWR-England-13TTWWR-England-33TTWWR-England-49TTWWR-England-43TTWWR-England-60TTWWR-England-36TTWWR-England-47TTWWR-England-55TTWWR-England-63TTWWR-England-64TTWWR-England-31TTWWR-England-65TTWWR-England-34


Thank you so much for your photos… You don’t know how they impacted my day. Looking at them, i fell like a sweet summer rain pouring down on my eyes. My eyes were tired of instagram monotony – do you get that ? I mean, i love Instagram, it’s just that i can’t seem to clean my feed off latte art, those big green leaves and macramé stuff. (I mean, i don’t post that, but i see those too much.) And your pictures are beautiful, truly so… So thank you 🙂

These photographs are beautiful you guys. It kind of pisses me off when people refer to England as grey, rainy and wet. England is a truly beautiful country – and when did a bit of rain ever hurt anyone, eh?

We’re choosing to holiday in it with our kids these next few years whilst they are young as it has a lot to offer. You don’t need to explain any of the above to me at all 😉 But it will be lovely to welcome you here and I wish you all the very best in building up your business to be as successful as it obviously is in Australia – I’m pretty sure you won’t be struggling in that respect.
Safe travels and adventures guys,
Love Annabel xx

Good luck. I have been living in London for 11 years, originally from the Gold Coast. It’s a beautiful country. I miss home too much now and am heading back with my English partner. You will love it.

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