Serial killer of houseplants. Reluctant standing-ovation participant. Allergic to the words 'love language'. Always offended when someone tells me "Oh I can't imagine you being into sports". Veep is the best show on tv. Also Arrested Development. Seriously though is standing and clapping better than just clapping? Can't we just stay seated but clap... better? Fave movie: Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Refuses to call pants 'trousers' - pants are pants, underpants are underpants. It's in the damn name. Far more dependent on my cats than they are on me. Spotify = Blink 182. Green Day. The Grates. The Living End. And The Book of Mormon soundtrack. Can't be trusted around Sultana Bran or Coco Pops. Refuses to engage in anything remotely similar to role-playing. This meant nearly failing my CPR certification. Never hangs the tea towel back up (I told Lauren she could pick one fact about me). One time Lauren kissed a groom on the neck cos she got mixed up between a goodbye hug and a weird air kiss thing (that fact isn't about me but I like to bring it up all the time).

I'm a bit socially awkward. Once I accidentally introduced myself as the other person's name. I cry watching animal videos. And Marvel movies. And during most Super Bowl commercials. I guess I just cry a lot? My laugh is terrifyingly loud, especially when a terrible pun is involved. I'm obsessed with planning. Planning is more fun than actually doing the thing. I was born in NZ but grew up in Australia (Glenn's note: unfortunately she only has a dirty bogan accent like me). Spotify subtly informed me that my fave music is "Sad Indie" and I feel simultaneously judged and seen. I have a bad habit of starting a new Instagram account for whatever hobby I'm excited about this month. Fave podcasts are My Favorite Murder, Comedy Bang Bang, and You're Wrong About. I'm very easily excitable. I hate Glenn's taste in music, it literally gives me a headache. None of our cats will let me press my face into their stomachs and it breaks my heart. I played so much Animal Crossing in 2020 that I can't even look at it anymore. I'm currently learning to rollerskate, but I'm frightened of everything so it's going very slowly (new IG account coming soon I guess)